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designer2k2 wrote: Hello,

another sweet mod, Log the Data onto a SD card instead of needing to take a laptop with you!

To make this one simple, get a OpenLog: ... ts_id=9530
and a microSD Card ( ... ts_id=8163)

Then just connect the 5V from the MD03 Print to it and power it up one time, so the SD Card gets initialized.

Read the SD Card then into a PC and open CONFIG.txt on it and change 9600 in the text file to 57600.

Now connect the RX and TX Pins to the Arduino Pins 0 and 1 (RX to TX...) and just start it as usual.

The OpenLog now just records whatever the MultiDisplay sends and stores it with every reboot into an other file!

When finished, just pull the SD Card out and read the files with a PC, thats it :D

Pictures follow when installed in my car...


Does this work to Gen 2 as well ?
should work on generaton 2 as well :)
Will this card reader work same way as the openlog from page 1 ?

would love to log engine values to read and understand the Digifant Chip and can send data to Digifant Online for improved chip values.

multidisplay-sdcard.jpg (65.32 KiB) Viewed 4404 times

Support Micro SD Card (<=2G), Micro SDHC card (<=32G) (high-speed card)
The level conversion circuit board that can interface level is 5V or 3.3V
Power supply is 4.5V ~ 5.5V, 3.3V voltage regulator circuit board
Communication interface is a standard SPI interface
4 M2 screw positioning holes for easy installation
Size: 4.1 x 2.4cm

Control Interface:
A total of six pins (GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS), GND to ground, VCC is the power supply, MISO, MOSI, SCK is the SPI bus, CS is the chip select signal pin

3.3V regulator circuit:
LDO regulator output 3.3V as level converter chip, Micro SD card supply
No this reader does not work plug and play because it must be connected by spi.

You need a serial SD card reader
bofh wrote: No this reader does not work plug and play because it must be connected by spi.

You need a serial SD card reader

:? thats a pity.
wie müssen die logfiles aussehen, bei mir zur zeit so und das scheint ja nicht richtig zu sein.

MultiDisplay 2.0!
d2 û ÿþÿÿ ÿÿ _© VS ˜ ôƒ[ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _è VS ˜ ô&Œ û ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _% VS ˜ ôÿ¥ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _m VS ˜ ôJµ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _¯ VS ˜ ôÜ» ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _ì VS ˜ ôZ¿ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _4 VS ˜ ôkÁ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _r VS ˜ ôN ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _º VS ˜ ôÔ ý ÿâÿâÿ ÿÿ _û VS ˜ ôÃ
Ohne selbst was auf sd karte geloggt zu haben würde ich behaupten du musst das logfile in der Multidisplay pc software öffnen. Nicht einfach mit nem editor odet sonstiges.
Das funktioniert nicht.
Das sollte Lesbar sein, typischer weise ist da was mit der Baudrate falsch, und so kommt dieser Salat zusammen
Hab in der config.txt auf der Karte schon verschiedene raten probiert, immer das selbe. Muss in der Software eventuell was geändert werden?
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