Hi all,

To start with, I am pretty much a Electronics NEWBIE so I may be missing something. (likely between the ears)

Upon comparing each board's BOM (v3 boards) to the parts list, I fail to find the following components in the parts list.

From the BOM of MD01_03
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R4   10K   PT10LV
Using Mouser#: 531-PT10V-10K

From the BOM on MD02_03
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C2   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08
C3   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08
C4   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08
From the BOM of MD03_03
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C6   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08
C7   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08
C8   100NF   2,54X5,08_RM5,08

After some searching and translating on this site I believe they are the following:
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   Item   Conrad   Reichelt   Mouser
   0.1µF   459830   MKS-2-5 100N   505-MKS2.1/63/5
Is this correct for all 6 (3xMD02_03, 3xMD03_03) ??

If not, What would be a Conrad, RS Comp. or Mouser part number (perferably Mouser) ??

The following items are listed in the MD03 parts list under Sensor, yet unable to account for them on the boards/BOMs.
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Quanity:   Item:   RS Comp.:   Digi-key:   Mouser:
3x      0.1µF   334-300      495-2481-ND   871-B32529C1104K289

And finaly to clearify one other item on MD02_03, If I understand this Partslist thread correctly, the 470µF cap at C1 is an error and it should be a 220µF.
The 220µF is the correct one ??

Thank you