support and development board for the MultiDisplay project.

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Hi, I'm Louis from Hong Kong, It is really nice to see you guys create such a wonderful Arduino project,
I'm a beginer of learing Arduino, and I'm really interested to make one for my car.
Do you guys still have one avaliabe ?
Whats included in the set ?
Thank you very much !

you can get the PCB´s from me, and you will need this parts:

And then solder it up ;)
Hi designer2k2,

Thank you for your reply ! :D
I have read there are MD01, MD02 and MD03,
It is require all 3 board work together to make things right ?
yes, you need this 3 boards and a Arduino to have a working MultiDisplay:

HI I am new to the Forum but would like to buy the PCB's could you send me a pm with the prices and if you can take paypal?

each pcb costs 20€. md02 and md03 pcbs are out of stock at the moment (will be available in 2 - 4 weeks again).
Paypal is no problem. :)
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