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My name is Renard Thomas from France.

after long search on the web, I find this forum and I hinks your project is extra!

to view the status of the mechanics of my golf 1 tdi swap (mk3 tdi with mecanical pump), I want to install the same things of your "vr6 display"

the aims is to see the boost presure (1-1.5 bar), the oil pressure and temperature, the rpm (I think using the sensor on the

bottom of the engine "engine speed sender g28" ) the voltage and put a stopwatch who start when the wheel turn (it's a lot of

things but if it is playable).

my problem is I do not know which component to choose... Arduino is certainly appropriate and I dont know if I can use

the same program used for vr6... in my mk1 tdi-M, I have no ECU, it's like an electronic injection you spend a carburetor...

I thank you in advance for reading me and understand me, German is not my first language :(

If you have the time, my project is on the forum :

friendly, Thomas

the multidisplay runs also on a TDI engine. That should be no problem. :)

The engine speed sensor G28 is normally wired to the ecu.
I have no ECU, it's like an electronic injection you spend a carburetor

Hmm... you mean you're driving a mk3 tdi engine with some sort of carburator instead of the ECU? completely mechanic?

yes this is the same mecanic in my passat 35i


but on my mk1 I want to see all reaction of the motor and the fuel pump (inter pressure)
the motor set up is:
mk3 tdi "ahu" motor (origin 90hp)
gearbox 02a (tdi 90hp) => the 110 hp is short
0.230 nozzle and 220 tarage injector
the pump:
base of fiat croma 2.5 tdid (20mm axe)
hydraulic head in 11mm
thottle in 17mm (rover td)
drawer of rover td (the best ^^)
LDA home made
came plate tdi afn (the more agressive)

and kkk14 turbo of mk3 1.9 TD

I think with this set up have 150hp with 4.5 L/100 km :)

if you have an exemple of mounting?
the necessary equipement or if you have a set up ready to inject, I m a verry verry verry noob in C++ :? :? :cry:
example of mounting in the car? or of wiring?

Yeah, the existing software can be used. customizing the display is very easy.
The only thing that has to be implemented is the use of the RPM sensor G28.
Do you know its output signal? does it use an 60-2 trigger wheel?
I poorly worded my request!

I wanted to know if multidisplay shown on this link: may be reproduced because in my case it's a diesel!

rpm for the sensor which is a g18 Hall effect sensor that "reads" on a ring provided with notches 4 (for pmp), this ring is arranged on the crankshaft.

I would use the original sensors are 0-5V and I love working with a maximum of original parts vw

I look after a 12v power => 5v, but I do not think I'll look at the dimension of power supply to GPS

for lcd, I found this:

I also bought an Arduino Duemilanove

thank you for your answers, I am not gifted in every area, I have notions in electronic but not enough for this kind of challenge! I will read your posts with two brains
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