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EDIT: Here is a mouser Project using available/stocked parts for the US and Canada. Click and add it to your account and you can order in one go!

Below is a link to the spreadsheet I used. I retained the EU supplier SKUs so its a EU - US(CA) version.


Just spent the afternoon finding all the components from US/Canada suppliers (i.e. Mouser and Allied).

The MD wiki doesn't accept public edits so shall I post this info here? Or can the maintainer PM me an email address to send the spreadsheet?

PM me your googlemail Addy, i give you edit rights :)

R25 from here?

this is only a brigde, a 0 Ohm Resistor.

just solder a bridge over the pins in case its needed ;)

R25 is a simple bridge on the pcb to shortcut R22 and T6 (which invert the serial tx line). Can be a simple wire.
This applies only to K-Line stuff. Currently, there isnt any K-Line protocol implemented which would need the shortcut R25 to be set.
Only my own serial K-Line protocol for use with Bosch Digifant 1 ecus is implemented (my custom software in the ecu is needed too) which needs the tx inversion (R25 disconnected).

Please post your partlist here; I'll add it to the wiki.
Thanks for clarifying R25 & PM sent.

What I found is that certain vendors are strong in Europe but not stocked at all in the US & Canada. For most its just a matter of finding an equivalent spec component from a different vendor.

I'm having trouble finding some of the resistors in 330mW. I tried to replace them with 500mW when possible. A couple (R16 and R26/R27) I could only find in 250mW. What I noticed is that 250mW is commonplace but the 330mW and 500mW go down in availability and up in price. Can you tell me if the math supports reducing the spec on these ((R16 and R26/R27) to 250mW?

One in particular that is giving me grief is the RJ45 (K6). The de facto standard footprint for an RJ45 in the US seems to be Tyco/AMP's favorite dimensions. I've looked through a ton of them and can't find one in North America that matches the one specified. So I would expect that I could just edit my board to suit?
the R smd´s are all ok to be 250mW (or 1/4W as written in the Reichelt supplier article)

RJ45 Alternative:

TE Connectivity / AMP: 6116526-1

what can be sourced at:
Mouser Part #: 571-61165261 ... h4KmVsQ%3d
Digi-Key Part Number A107222-ND ... =6116526-1

i updated the Partlist here:
Sweet the 1/4W's are abundant and even a bit cheaper.

The only stuff I'm still deciphering is under the Miscellaneous section. I hope to come back to this by the weekend.

Re the RJ45 uncommon part: I got the 3001 app up and running and checked out the boards. I have to admit I'm lost at how to edit it for the AMP(US-common) style RJ45 footprint. I need to read some manuals...

PS: PM me your email so I can send you an invite to my BOM on Mouser.
what AMP Part number do you want to use?

take the one i postet above, it will fit directly to the current layout ;)
designer2k2 wrote: what AMP Part number do you want to use?

take the one i postet above, it will fit directly to the current layout ;)

Yes! That one is a perfect match. Nice find :-)
Here is my spreadsheet for your use as you like. :beer:


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