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Does anyone have any of the v2 boards made that I can purchase?

Else has anyone in North America found a vendor to fabricate them?
I have professional made pcbs. No problem to ship them to north america.
Thanks, I sent you a PM. I had already put out several quote requests but I suspect that it is cheaper to get them from you. I confess I'm inexperienced, especially with surface mount but this project has been an education.

These are the specs I was suggested. I googled these out and below are my notes:

    2 layers (the PCB has traces on both sides)
    0.062" FR4 (FR means flame retardant, 4 is #4 epoxy. This is a laminate on the board.)
    1 oz Copper thickness (refers to the thickness of the traces, 1oz is pretty standard. Trivia: it refers to the thickness of 1oz of copper pressed over a 1sqft area.)
    HASL finish (Hot Air Soldering Level - this means that all of the exposed copper surfaces are covered by solder. Its easy to work with but the experienced might go with a more modern/enviro friendly choice.)
    Green Soldermask (its just the color)
    White Silkscreen (color of the printed text)
    Individually routed (aka panellization; this means that the boards are cut to size. If you don't get it panellized you might get a larger board with all of your boards together on it, and need to cut them apart. I don't have the tools to do this myself...)
Just for information of others considering getting these fabricated, here are the quotes I received locally. This is in CAD tax included and does not include shipping (it would be under $5 in Canada). This is for all three boards in the standards I listed above.

Same Day Quotes:
Qty 2 - $400 Canadian Circuits (they said they could probably do two in one run)
Qty 1 - $312 Myro Canada
Qty 1 - PENDING AP Circuits

Of course this is at the high end of the spectrum. Labor is expensive in Canada. I also have quotes coming from the US. So far its much cheaper to get these from bofh.
I've run into some trouble submitting the GERBER files.

The following errors were found with your design:

    I can't find a top solder mask file
    I can't find a bottom solder mask file
    I can't find a drills file

EDIT: I think its just naming convention. They expect this:

Code: Select all
    boardname.GTL Top Layer
    boardname.GBL Bottom Layer
    boardname.GTS Top Soldermask
    boardname.GBS Bottom Soldermask
    boardname.GTO Top Silkscreen
    boardname.GBO Bottom Silkscreen
    boardname.GKO Board Outline
    boardname.G2L only if you're uploading a four layer board
    boardname.G3L only if you're uploading a four layer board
    boardname.XLN Drills
yes naming conventions are a big trouble with Gerber files, you would need to just rename the Files according to their whish.

Bofh made got them i a large batch made, thats why we have a quite good price on the pcb´s, if you run a single set, they get quite expensive!
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