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i just had alittle readup on this project
and i found out
this is what i need

but now i need help

i want to put this in a mazda rx-7
but here comes the twist
the display is a vfd (already have this done it reacts to a variable)

i want to measure
oil presiure
oil temp
water temp

and it needs to be as small as posible

what parts do i need for this
and what sensors

greatings peter
Hello :)

so you want to change the LCD to a VFD ?

Can you post a Datasheet from it?
it is a homemade driver
4 digit 7 segment
driven with multiplex
and the multiplexing is been done with an cd4017
and i am thinking of writing the 7 segments with an 74hc595

now i need 12 pins for everything
with a 74hc595 i onley need 5

as long as the sensor can be written as a vari able i can show it

i am gonna cycle trough the funktions with a button
the MultiDisplay uses the Seeeduino Mega, that has more than enough free I/O, you could easily connect your display with 12 lines :)
i/o pins is not the problem

we have shift registers for that

and becaus of space i have to make my own pcb
the mega would not fit
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