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I've been looking at the MultiDisplay design for some time, I have a possible application for it as a engine monitor for a 6 cylinder air cooled engine ( Corvair). The biggest thing I can see that needs to be changed is to ad 8 more thermocouples on it so both cylinder heat and exhaust gas temperatures could be monitored along with possible carb throat temperature. I can see 2 possible ways to do it 1 would be to change the 4051 to a 16 input analog mux chip like the 4067 and add 1 more line from the PCF8574 to the mux chip for the additional address. The other option I can see add a second 4051 & support circuit using 3 more lines from the PCF8574 and feed it's output into an unused input on the MCP3208/1. I'm thinking the second way would give you a faster read time. How ever I'm not sure how hard either one be to implement in the code.

I also could swear I saw Android being used as a display for a MultiDisplay system but now I can't find the link.

Thanks for this great design.
Bill Higdon
I just found the Android display on :oops:
you need 8 more? your idea with the 16 port mux is the right way, just carefull selection is needed to get a sensitive enough one.

this is the most stable way, as you still have only 1 amplifier and need one calibration. but it will take twice as long to read in...
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