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known bugs of the V2 md01 pcb revisions

Level Shifter for 3,3V Bluetooth modules
appears on: MD01_051, MD01_052
fix in: to do
problem: RX/TX for level shifter mixed up on pcb
hotfix: interchange RX/TX. bend the 2 pins and hook a cable on it to interchange rx/tx
Bilder: todo

pins K8
appears on: MD01_051
ix in: MD01_052
problem: pins K8 are on the wrong side of k19
hotfix: adapter cable
I noticed on my IC5 (ordered using the English support Mouser project) the silk screen on the board is reversed. When I assembled mine & did the voltage check before attaching the Seeeduino Mega board I noticed the 3.3 VDC was at about 4.5 VDC. in looking at things I found IC5 was installed backwards even though it matched the silk screen on the board. I removed it and installed it in the correct orientation & I had the proper 3.3 VDC.
thanks for the Information, will look into it!
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