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I'm triyng to get my new little bluetooth module to work with my MDv2 unit.

Steps I've taken so far:
  • Connecting the BT module to K22, with RX & TX swapped like this:
    K22 Pin 1 to GND on BT module
    K22 Pin 2 to VCC on BT module
    K22 Pin 3 to TXD on BT module
    K22 Pin 4 to RXD on BT module
  • Uncommenting this line in MultidisplayDefines.h:
    Code: Select all
    #define BLUETOOTH_ON_SERIAL2 1
  • Installed the android app
  • Paired the BT module and named it "mdv2" on my Android.
When the MDv2 unit boots the BT module is blinking, then in the app I click on menu > mdv2 > Bluetooth connect. The BT module stops blinking and lights continuously, and the console in the app says I'm connected to the MDv2 unit, but I don't get any data. I also tried to read the N75 parameters, but no luck there either.

Is there any more line in the code that needs to be uncommented?
the bt module is wired to serial0. it works out of the box if you connect a bt module with 115200 baud

Code: Select all

is only for a debug / service mode (i.e. setting baud rate of bluetooth module, pin etc)

Code: Select all
         case 5:
            if (bytes_read >= 2){
/* ... */
               switch ( srData.asBytes[0] ) {
               case 4: //bluetooth test / config
                  switch ( srData.asBytes[1] ) {
                  case 0 : Serial2.print("AT");
                  case 1 : Serial2.print("AT+BAUD8"); //set 115200
                  case 2 : Serial2.print ("AT+NAMEmdv2");
                  case 3 : Serial2.print ("AT+PIN1234");

connect the bt module to serial2 (level shifter if 3,3v) directly to the seeeduino mega and you can use the debug modue the configure the bt module (i.e. connect with a terminal program and send 5 4 1 to set the bt module baudrate to 115200)
Oh, setting baud rate and then having the "bluetooth on serial2"-definitions commented made the trick!

I tried to save a log file in the Android app, and I can see it from within the app, but I can't find the app in a file manager like Astro. From the mUI app the log file is saved in /data/data/... but according to the Astro file manager the /data folder is empty. I also enabled showing hidden files, but /data is still empty. Using search function to search for *.mdv2 files didn't give any results either.

How do I transfer the log file to my computer?
Oh, my bad. I was apparantly trying to save the log file into a folder I didn't have write permissions to. Saving in a different folder worked great. Weird that I could see the old savings from within mUI save dialogue though, I take it that's a feature of the filesystem on the Android...
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