support and development board for the MultiDisplay project.

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was it hard to solder the atmega 2560?
It's not really that bad. Just a quick drag solder. The first chip was a sacrifice from a Mega2560 board which had a flaky serial to usb. How ironic, the 8u2 being flaky..... So I de-soldered the 2560 off that board and zipped it on this new dev board. So far so good. I'm going threw LUFA, aka Dean Camera USB stack code as of now trying unsuccessfully to get this 8u2 to play nice... nevertheless, interesting experience. I'm am just short of asking Dean for his help, been playing with this for weeks now. Once this board is successfully built and working, I'd like to get you and Stephan each one of these boards for continued development free of charge. This way you guys have easy room for expansion. With all the current capabilities. This should fit ANY 2560 shield or homemade DEV board stack. :-) Love this project! :respect: Long live Multidisplay!
Well, It looks like the board works! :-) well, the basic parts that is.. Got the USB working, MEGA2560 runs great, SD logger is logging away, Bluetooth is forwarding data. I need to setup the ODBII connection part of the system and try that out.

The problem I seem to have now is bluetooth and the MUI Android app. I can connect with my Android, stream data to any Bluetooth terminal app ie; 'BT-simple-terminal'(any spp app seems to see data). But I cannot connect to the Bluetooth device threw the MUI app. I've tried on several devices now a Galaxy Note 8, a regular note 2, older G-Slate, and a t-mobile springboard . Any suggestions? I must be missing something simple here...

Exciting guys! Can't wait to get this project ready for some warm weather testing!! We'll be on the dyno here soon with PatriotLSR, I'd like to see if we can patch in with the project by then. :mrgreen:
:up: :respect:

the android app searches for an bluetooth spp device with the string "mdv2" in its name.
just add "mdv2" to the name of your bluebooth device (it must be paired with the android system!).
Oh that is an easy fix... my bad. I should have tried that... I should have it running shortly then :-) I used a different name for the bluetooth unknowingly. oops.. The RN41 is pretty easy to change around. I'll post up some pictures soon!
Well a bit more playing around lead me to making a genuine Arduino atmega2560 shield. Modified EXT-Board which is not on this test of the panelized board, lastly a wideband O2 carrier board for the SLC OEM

I'm close to finial revisions complete..... Then going for panel print. Woot! Long live MultiDisplay! :mrgreen: :P

I'll add more pictures later if folks are interested. These should embed nicely into some custom milled aluminum enclosures.


Looks like this might turn into a sellable product called rAtTrax. Not as much DIY here, instead built to be ready for install into your vehicle. Grabbed myself an Philips Assembleon pick and place machine, and mantix re-flow machine. Picking up a DEK soldermask machine beginning of next year. That should be all the goodies I need to fire-up a new business here soon....

I have to thank you guys for releasing such an awesome product. That has allowed multidisplay to evolve into this product.

If you want more photos you can visit my google photo's album @this address
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