Components confusion

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Components confusion

Post by krou180 » Thu 18. Apr 2013, 14:35

Hi guys,

I'm sourcing all the components I need for this at the moment and am having a little trouble figuring out what the difference is between the following two resistors:

1 R6 680 0207_STEHEND_MET 420891 9465910 Metall 20K 477-8347
1 R7 220 0207_STEHEND_MET 420891 9465910 Metall 20K 477-8347

Can anyone help me out?


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Re: Components confusion

Post by bofh » Sun 21. Apr 2013, 23:20


I corrected the partlist for R6 / R7.
R6 = 680 Ohm RS# 707-8211
R7 = 220 Ohm RS# 707-8176

I also changed
R19 60k4 0207_MET 701-7951
from 133k to 60K4. This allows to read VW-gala speed signal up to 320km/h.
Must be checked for other car manufacturers!

Sorry for confusion.

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