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Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Mon 18. Jan 2021, 00:25
by Firefight3r
bofh wrote: Thu 14. Jan 2021, 13:02 seems to work as replacement? I'll update the partlist.
Iam getting Lambda values, so I guess its working :)

I used some more replacement parts, I will try to post a list here.

Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Mon 18. Jan 2021, 09:09
by bofh
:up: :beer:

Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Mon 22. Feb 2021, 01:24
by Firefight3r
In Ergänzung, Kleinteile wie Widerstände oder Dioden habe ich mir entsprechend den günstigeren Anbieter ausgesucht.
Hier waren die meisten Abweichungen von der Liste aber die sind anhand der Werte ja leicht zu finden.

Die "größeren" Änderungen bei mir waren doch nicht so viele wie gedacht:

Drucksensor (2BAR) (die alten Links scheinen nicht mehr zu funktionieren, dieser läuft 1A) ... ND/2057456

V2 MD01
IC5 -> ... ND/1884864

IC6 ->

Bisher laufen bei mir im Display:
TYPK x3 (Ansauglufttemp vor Turbo, Ladelufttemp im LLK, AGT im Krümmer/Abgasseite Turbo)
Ladedruck x1
Lambda (LC1)

VDO Krafstoffdruck & Öldruck
(Kline-SW Anpassung kommt dann, wenn alles im Fahrzeug ist)

Was aktuell nicht wirklich funktioniert, ist die serielle Eingabe über die Arduino-Software. Vll. habe ich das auch falsch verstanden... Ich sende zB. eine 42 -> (wenn ich mich richtig erinnere) Ladedruck Kalibrierung... Ist das so korrekt? :D Zudem läuft bei mir die Ausgabe einfach durch, ohne einen Zeilenumbruch zu machen.
Das Problem habe ich mit allen Arduino Versionen, egal ob die alte 22 oder die neuste Version.

Mir fehlt leider aktuell etwas die Zeit (trotz Corona) und ich hoffe im Sommer (immerhin dann fast ein Jahr Bauzeit in Summe ...) alles ins Fahrzeug zu bekommen.

Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Sat 10. Apr 2021, 17:35
by Firefight3r
Ich habe nun endlich alles im Fahrzeug installiert und verbaut. Ich schreibe mal auf Englisch, damit auch der Rest des Forums ggf. darauf eingehen kann. :)

Finally installed everything in the car:

(Cold start, 13°C Outside)

After some troubleshooting because of wrong pinning everything worked out.

Unfortunately, I sometimes get strange things displayed with the Type-K sensors. For example, my sensor AGT (exhaust) is not connected at all, but sometimes shows the values of the other sensors. Sometimes the values also freeze.
(Aussentemp = Outside Temperature & LLT = Air Intake after turbocharger) Bad PCB ?

Speed via GALA does not work, nor does the gear indicator. GALA is on PIN3 on MDV2 print next to N75. When I connect to the injector on the 12V line, I also get no RPM.

Additionally a question about the shiftlight, I have the V2 but would like to use the "old" function with only one light, is that possible or do the buttons now occupy this port? I have only two buttons connected. The Shiftlight PIN next to it switches ground or 5V via PWM? When I turn it on and do the functional test, no LEDs are flashing for me either. I have measured each of the shiftlight connections but no change in voltage level can be detected. Tried with V2 Shiftlight in the DEFINE activated, as well as deactivated.

I would be happy if someone can solve the problem with a quick fix. :)

Have a nice weekend

Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Tue 13. Apr 2021, 12:18
by designer2k2
Looks good up there :up:

Type-K is relative measured to ambient (the Temperature probe is right next to the connectors)
The input is very sensitive, so if its not used and therefore "floating" it could be jumping around and shows strange things.
If not needed, it would help to put a jumper there, so shortcutting the input.

RPM, it needs the signal from the ECU to the Injector or Igntition Coil, that has to be a switched ground.

Shiftlight, with K1 you can select 5V or 14V:
shiftlightMDV2.PNG (417.17 KiB) Viewed 10160 times
Bridge the center to the top = 14V, to the bottom = 5V.
So the Pin itself on the Shiftlight is switched ground, and the rightmost pin (below the "t") is 5/14V.

Re: Multidisplay in Golf 3 Syncro 1.8T

Posted: Tue 27. Apr 2021, 06:50
by Firefight3r
Worked perfectly, thank you! :)

Unfortunately only for one day, then the car stood 1 week and now the value for the speed goes up by itself. :D I logged it via the console, for data.calrpm is started with 0 and then this value oscillates for unknown reasons between 12000 and 8000, then between 4000 and 8000.
The page with the speed is then also no longer displayed. ("broken" chars)

The whole thing happens without connected BUS! I can not yet really explain... Everything else about the BUS works. (VDO, TypK, boost pressure..)

I rewrote my shift light as a "flash" with 20ms cycle time. Did I break anything with it maybe? :D

In any case, always enough to do :) I will build up a second set for testing on the bench.. But its soooo hard to find Seeeduinos atm :D