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Posted: Thu 11. Sep 2014, 19:52
by erikiiofph7
Found a faulty component ID in the parts list. In section Resistors the R5 (150 Ohm 1206 SMD) has ID 572-930 for RS Components, but the resistor with that ID doesn't have the pads on the ends but along the resistor, so it doesn't fit to the pads on the PCB.

In section MD 02 print SMD there are R1-R3 which are also 150 Ohm 1206 SMD which have ID 223-2142 at RS Components, so I guess this component could be used for R5 as well.

Re: PartListV2

Posted: Fri 12. Sep 2014, 15:31
by designer2k2

you are right! thats a 150Ohms 1206 but with the wrong orientation :oops:

and yes, the 223-2142 from the MD02 fits!

i updated the list: