Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Whats currently going on / was gerade passiert
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Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Post by landracer » Sat 25. Jan 2020, 17:57

Well if you have the native Android SDK installed... Maybe you want to give it a shot

Most all the data is parsed and being received VIA bluetooth.. Still needs some love getting that data to gauges. BUT I'd say a start to a 'native' Android app, minus anything QT

Compile and play, help me out..... Plenty to still do. BUT IT WORKS!! :shock: :shock: :D :D

I will keep this topic updated as I push updates... Data can be seen using app debug feature on SDK. it's on a constant system.out.println


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Re: Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Post by designer2k2 » Mon 27. Jan 2020, 19:48

8-) Very Cool!

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