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rAtTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Sun 4. Jan 2015, 22:39
by landracer
As of now this is a real rough draft. It is a bit away from the testing and debug phase. LEt alone any production.... This will be running MD Firmware, and MUI software.. A great start for Open Source data acquisition. Maybe this will drive a few diehard racers to our community for new development. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can back trace everything, double check the components ect. I believe this project is close to print though. Next Job is integrating MD02 MD03 into a tiny footprint, breaking off the egt functions into a separate junction box. I have plans. Maybe get the PCF8574 playing nice with 2 external MD0203 combos. Built-in bluetooth, 16EGT's, Dual RPM's, dual AFR's, on-board SD-card for logging, bunches of sensors, ect... Someone wants this stuff. :crazy: But this leave me little time to modify any code. Blah. anyhow it'll happen... I figured I'd share with everyone. Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year!!! :D


Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 10:31
by bofh
happy new year!

great work! :up:
what layout software are you using?

for wideband:
there are special ICs available from Bosch semiconductors:
  • CJ125 availabe at in solder-friendly SOIC package
  • newer high integrated CJ135. unfortunately only in QFN36 or TQFP package. Also available at futureelectronics! High measurement speed with a new LSU ADV lambda probe @33Hz!
both ICs are connected via SPI to the MCU.
this (german) site has more information about the CJ125. maybe google translate helps to read that in englisch.

btw: a CAN-bus interface is on our future roadmap for md extensions.
e.g. for data acquisition in modern cars or for communication with a haldex controller (4wd).

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 20:26
by landracer
what layout software are you using?
This was done using Fritzing. Not my preferred choice. Although this was my first time playing with Fritz on a real project level(not as bad as I was told it would be, haters!!). It was pretty intuitive software despite what some folks may say about it. NO OFFENSE guys, I hate target3001. WE SHOULD MOVE THIS MD project outside to a better opensource program (schematic and PCB design). IE; gEDA, KiCAD, Fritzing anything but pay for private code. Any program that has in its submenus "your business name could be here" with ads everywhere, made me want to puke! I am a staunch open-source advocate. No Windoze on my systems EVER.... I just say this because of my computer usage. I never advocate for BS pay for programs. If its not intuitive and has ads everywhere, GET ME AWAY ASAP!!! Target3001 schematic layout had me wanting to rip my hair out! (all personal opinion, I know this, but my 2 pennies worth.) Opensource is free and has no limitations, in which everyone can download and use at their discretion. I like that idea.

I was looking at these 2 other projects for WBo2. Both are pretty much complete to an extent. I am thinking of reworking them into my own layout. For integration into our projects.
This one is based around a Teensy 2.0++ another ATmega MCU I believe the ATMEGA32U4.
Then we have this
All roads lead to WBo2! :D Thanks for the link on the CJ125, I'll be digging more into this and MD02/03 boards in the coming week(s)

Have you guys broke any ground on the CAN-bus circuit? Any plans to move out of Target3001??? I am praying so...... I'd gladly help if you guys need any. :)

I only did this because, I feel everyday should be a day at the race track! Who wouldn't want to be at the track everyday!?????? :beer: < We need a reefer man BTW. Herb only! ... just sayin...

Again, thanks for letting MD into the wild! This hardware should be in more race cars. If I have anything to do with it, it will atleast be in a few of them. :D :up:

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 20:40
by designer2k2
all in one is wonderfull :magic:
and it looks like you know what you do :up:

would you post the schematics? or the fritzing project?

do you plan on making it fit directly to a case (i see no mounting holes)?

Target3001 has a long way with me (using it since more than 10years now...) and the other reason for me was the limitation on the free eagle edition...
i played a bit with Fritzing 2-3 years ago, and it was horrible, but this looks like it went a long way since then :)

Im happy to move the MD away from Target, will look into Fritzing again :!:

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 21:47
by landracer
I guess all-in-one was a misnomer, considering that would mean the other 2 boards are integrated into this one... That's not happening. Although, I do want to integrate the other MD02/03 with all SMD components inside a bit smaller footprint. We can conspire on this together if you'd like.

I'd really have to clean this schematic up before I get laughed at! Like I said, This was my first time using Fritzing and lets just say using schematic mode was a bit of confusion for me at first. So in short, I have to redo a bit of this... It's to much of a mess right now. But I'll streamline, then we can discuss this a bit more.

No offense intended to you on Target3001, just a direct critique on Target system crazyness. You are better man for it then me. I couldn't stay for that party anymore. But, I am not really advocating for Fritzing either, it just happened to work in a fluid fashion. It could be just as bad for someone. Like in the schematic department. LOL it is a joke, I just like fluid layout options, because layout is fun.

I assume you are running Windows?

We should also talk a bit more about all of this in private. Some serious quality control concerns come up if this is released this to masses VS keeping it in house. Building the boards complete, loaded, and ready. Ultimately all about quality control. Yes, it might be more expensive for folks. But some people want data not hours of WTF.(This wasn't WTF to me, I can see someone saying that though) Said with love you know what I am saying. Buy, install, use. Gather a huge community, then more software dev. I Like the snowball effect.

The black holes are thru holes and can be used for mounting. I'd like to get a REAL 3D printer and print custom cases. But I don't see that in the near future.

Maybe we should turn this into its own computer... It doesn't take much these days.. ... 0610189490

Could always use Cubieboard schematics for the open layout, then add all this madness. Or maybe that is just a HUGE can of worms in and of itself.....

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Mon 5. Jan 2015, 23:50
by bofh
Wow, I should have a closer look on fritzing. always thought that it was only for breadboard stuff. :o

opensource pcb design: KiCAD seems to be also under heavy development: kicad

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Tue 6. Jan 2015, 00:48
by landracer
Back when I first played with Fritz it was piss poor. Not saying its much better, but easy to work with.... I didn't even bother with the breadboard portion of that software. I am not even sure what to think about all that business. But it has a "decent" not "great" component library (Which is what matters really) and then build your schematic working the PCB parts out as necessary. Its pretty much a 1 2 3 deal. Spending less time fussing about, wondering how the F$$@#K@ DO I RUN THIS SOFTWARE.... Honestly that is the last thing I feel I need to be good at right now... Some extensive program that requires knowledgeable navigation. I don't have time to rack my head on something that should be simple and straight forward, done. in the end, it all pops out the same shit... Yay a pcb or asic whatever. Yeah, both of those wideband projects are a good reason to install the software to plug around and look. One was written in gEDA and the other KiCad I believe. Just not the same as point, click, add, move around, done... It is, what it is really...

Nevertheless active development on something that is going to play into the future is a good thing. That is why I can only see added improvements coming. :D

All software has its differences, none of which are perfect. But to each his own I guess. As long as the end result is a good one. All roads lead to Rome....

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Tue 6. Jan 2015, 12:36
by designer2k2
a more easy to setup device would be nice, we are getting quite some request on build up md´s, mostly people dont feel comfortable with all the soldering.
An out of the box running thing would be very cool :)

For the programm a must is data export, Target does export into nearly every possible format, enabling production from all big fabs.
Fritzing (0.9.1) does not give options on the Gerber format, making it a bit tricky to get all fabs accepting it.

The EDA question is a bit komplex, KiCad vs Geda vs Fritzing, looks a bit like KiCad is currently quite good.

Running windows, and some ubuntu ;)

There are so many beefy boards around now, but most of them do not allow so good pin i/o access like the "old" atmega´s. So mostly it would be a addon, with the data collection still running on a atmega...

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Tue 6. Jan 2015, 19:15
by landracer
Good day sir! Well please correct me if I am wrong... But isn't Gerber RS-274X not what we need??? Advance Circuits here locally can print Fritzing gerber exports, so I am told. Not sure I am following right now. File, Export, FOR-Production, Extended Gerber RS274x. Not good enough?? :-( I am ok with that myself.... Next software inline would be KIcad, but I fiddled with that "again" all night, Got no where in the time I would have Fritzing this.... Been at Fritz again this morning, I've got most the components laid out for MD02/MD03 conversion. So I am sticking. I hate not getting anything done when I fiddle around...

Where I plan on having my board done, they are local for me and pretty close to home ... ebsite.pdf
They claim rs274X capable for tooling formats.

Beefy boards?? Tell me more about this? Because I own a RacePak IQ3 with all the bells and whistles and it sucks compared to what I am seeing as possibilities here.... Just saying. The only thing lacking in comparison is the software. With that said it's not far off. And I'd much rather come up with a comparable system and let the cards fall as they may. Not that many folks have money to drop on that AIM, MOTEC, RACEPAK, INNOVATE garbage... I'm sure we can give them a run for the money... I mean look at our overhead compared to theirs. We are winning already! Just saying... I am not stopping till a product everyone can use is on the table... Its just time to do this!!! :-)

My father started a logger project many years ago and it got shelved for other work back in the early 90's(it was almost complete), had he finished the project, things would be quite different now.... But this seems to have next wave written all over it for me. I plan on showcasing this in all 3 of my LSR race cars. It will get notoriety. Can we make our own beef no? I know my beef is good when cooking... This has to be close to the same.

Re: RaceTrax with MUI, SpinOFF All-in-one

Posted: Tue 6. Jan 2015, 20:25
by landracer
This is 2 pictures of that early 90's dev board. Shame actually. This connected directly to a Z-world smartblock MCU. Way ahead of its time. It was a working proto, that got shelved for BS work if you ask me. Sad, I keep it close to make sure this doesnt happen again. This did have quite the options. Wish those old guys finished what they started.