Multi Display For Motorbikes

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Multi Display For Motorbikes

Post by vegaquark »

Hi, i'm developing a display like your's but, for a motorbike...
First and more specific difference is the display, cause i've choosed a 128x64 array display istead a line-based one.
Other differences are that i'll be using the new arduino one, wich should be same but faster than older version and with few internal mod's (such as bootloader)...
I'm relatively new to this world but i have some experience programming in C(c# and cpp), Java, Basic and Pascal, so i guess that this shuldnt be too much complicated...
I'll base all my proyect on your code (if that's okay for you) cause i like all your job :D
This are my first two buys:
Arduino UNO (ATMEGA328P / ATMEGA8U2) & USB Cable (@ebay ... 0727374800 )
LCD Display Module 128x64 With Serial Controller (@ebay ... 0246194447 )

Any direccions from here would be apreciated :)

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Re: Multi Display For Motorbikes

Post by designer2k2 »

Hello :)

we also use the Arduino Uno, its only faster on the Serial Port, but still 160Mhz what will be limiting to you ;)

Take the MultiDisplay as starting point and mod it until it fits for you, thats what open source is for :beer:
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