The current Boards MD01 / MD02 / MD03 and its Software
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According to the parts list I need two of this capacitor:
220µF 445903 - 493-3277-ND RAD FC 220/35
Is this correct? I can only find one in the build diagrams.

This cap is really hard to find, can it be substituted by any other capacitor from Farnell or DigiKey? I found this incredibly expensive cap on Farnell's site, should I go for it?

Will it hurt if I chose a 1.5 A DC/DC convertor? I may need it later for GPS, boost control etc.

Finally I'm having trouble finding the specified filter choke:
1x 40µH 440483 - Supplier Part Nr: mesc-400m-01 from Fastron MESC 40µ
Can I use this instead?
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Re: Partslist

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the 220µF is used on the MD01 print to stabilize the input voltage and reduce ripple into the DC/DC converter.

the secon is on the MD03 to stabilize the 5V there. (i just see that there is an partlist error! 470µF or 220µF, both will work!)

you can take whatever 220µF you want, it should be 35V and possible low ESR.

1.5A DC/DC is also ok! the full configured MultiDisplay will take approximately 0,5A on the 5V rail.

And yes, the Epcos are also ok! Should be this one: B82111E0000C023
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