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Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Posted: Sat 25. Jan 2020, 17:57
by landracer
Well if you have the native Android SDK installed... Maybe you want to give it a shot

Most all the data is parsed and being received VIA bluetooth.. Still needs some love getting that data to gauges. BUT I'd say a start to a 'native' Android app, minus anything QT

Compile and play, help me out..... Plenty to still do. BUT IT WORKS!! :shock: :shock: :D :D

I will keep this topic updated as I push updates... Data can be seen using app debug feature on SDK. it's on a constant system.out.println


Re: Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Posted: Mon 27. Jan 2020, 19:48
by designer2k2
8-) Very Cool!

Re: Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Posted: Mon 16. Mar 2020, 15:56
by landracer
Well, a bit longer then I had planned.. Seems to work
ONCE installed you must DO the following OR your are NOT going to connect.

Settings>general settings> uncheck and then RECHECK use bluetooth classic.
Backup one screen then change wideband settings to LAMBDA or that will not work either. Now back to the homepage
(only have to do this once unless you uninstall)

Click start>allow permissions(only used for GPS speed time over distance)
then click connect. Select mdv2
use gauges, enjoy...

LOTS TO STILL DO... This would be a BETA release. So with that said, many things are fucked, and I don't really care. Make note if you can, and I'll try to fix it soon. Feature request? Post it up. NO it doesn't LOG or use USB yet.. BUT you are free to fork the repo and well, do as you please.
*** ALSO NOTE YOUR PHONES DP PROBABLY SUCKS... YOU NEED 750DP FOR GAUGES GALORE TO DISPLAY PROPERLY. you can modify your DP on most phones(in developer settings). Best try your tablet.... HD or you might as well stop now ... ndroUI.apk

Long live MD and AndroUI

Re: Native Android App, 'AndroUI' for Multidisplay

Posted: Sun 28. Jun 2020, 02:10
by landracer
This might make it easier for some of you...Now up on the play store. ... I&hl=en_US