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Greetings from the UK driving a DE car :D

Posted: Sat 19. Jun 2010, 20:18
by Funky Diver

Name is Rich and I currently drive a VW Scirocco (Mk2) who is undergoing a complete rebuild.

Love the car, the looks everything, except the interior. Not just bits of it, ALL of it. So hence my reason for being here. The interior is getting a total re-work to bring it up to date and stream line it completely.

Then I got into thinking about my output options. Didn't want ot use VAG clocks, this thing is going to be truly bespoke. For example, I'm currently messing about using Peugeot 407 stalks to control everything electrical in the cabin from lights nad indicators to electric windows and sunroof. It is going to do everything!!

Using MegaJolt for the ignition, which has some nice output features (configurable) so hoping to use some of that date via Arduion to present the information back to me in another format - and this is how I arrived here.

I am a COMPLETE novice with arduino, so I apologise in advance for my questions that will appear to be a bit too simple... but I'm a quick learner and if I find something that it worthy of mention it will be posted up :)

My primary goals are for the same information that MD is already running - as well as Velocity (only need MPH, but switchable to MPH would be good for driving on in Euro-zone). In fact I went and bought a Lamba seonsor just so I could use it, lol!!

Re: Greetings from the UK driving a DE car :D

Posted: Sun 20. Jun 2010, 10:18
by designer2k2
Hello :)

just ask ;)