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Power supply?

Posted: Thu 21. Aug 2014, 17:57
by erikiiofph7
I'm going through the V2 partlist and the other pages on the Wiki to understand what parts I have to order. And there is one thing that is confusing me, there is a page for a power supply, but it looks like it's an early prototype, and it's not mentioned on the partlist. So my assumption is that power supply is for generation V1, and that the generation V2 has a built-in power supply. Is this correct?

Then I guess that it's OK to use the 12-ish volts in the car as the supply voltage connected to KL1 on MD01.

Usually the Mega board seems to be powered from either the coaxial power jack or the usb connector, but I don't see any of them in use in any pictures. So, is the Mega powered from the MD01 board then?

Re: Power supply?

Posted: Fri 22. Aug 2014, 21:05
by designer2k2

yes that was the prototype, it is fully integrated into the V2! You connect the 12V directly to the MultiDisplay :)

The Mega is powered from the MD01 Board.