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v2 multi display

Posted: Wed 22. Oct 2014, 14:40
by Neakit
Hi all,
designer2k2 and to anyone else who assisted with this project i take my hat off to you.
I am at the start of my own journey with making your display. I wish to use mine on a diesel tho. A rather old diesel (2002 :D ) its a 1hz powered landcruiser.
Im currently in the middle of making a compound turbo setup for my diesel and wish to monitor more than what the factory gauges let me with out my drivers seat turning into a cockpit.
i understand the display is capable of more than what i want it for, if i was to not use some functions like the rpm, tps or lambda will that have any implications on the running on the display?


Re: v2 multi display

Posted: Sun 26. Oct 2014, 20:24
by bofh

Its ok to only connect the sensors you have. Missing sensors don't have any implications on the display.

Re: v2 multi display

Posted: Mon 27. Oct 2014, 12:46
by Neakit