Multidisplay missing data. Not working properly *solved

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Re: Multidisplay missing data. Not working properly *solved

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Yes I am able to compile with ubuntu's native repo AVR-GCC 4.8
Seems to work great with no issues so far. This was confirmed with 2 different machines. Ubuntu native repo eclipse 3.8, and current Eclipse Luna. Both of the systems are running Kubuntu 14.04.

Very nice starter android app, exquisite to say the least... I was wondering the process of getting this QT code complied into an .APK? I am sure I can ask google, but I am wondering your process? Is there separate code for this Android app?? This is all adding up... Seems there is more to offer in doing it yourself then the big pay-for names (racepak, motec, innovate, etc...) This could come together as quite the project. Driving a bit of development, this could easily exceed anything on the market today. It's ALSO not far off from a completely integrated IC, with mega on-board. Just my thoughts. MAybe on the WIKI page you can make the Android Screen-shot a hotlink for the APK download. That would make for easy access for anyone curious. A quick suggestion, I have several android devices that utilize the OTG to usb host adapter. When I plug my Arduino into my Android device using an OTG adapter to USB I believe it registers as /dev/ttySAC1. It would be nice to use either BT or USB to connect to Android.

Now IF I have this correct, the RX is TX and the TX is RX on the BT connection on the MD52 PCB? Thats no thing. Backwards happens :magic: poof fixed!

Well if this all goes good I'd like to change around the screen arrangement for the Android device for my race car. I'd like to get all the values I feel necessary displaying on the dashboard. We are currently chasing several records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The car using MD and MUI will be shooting for 1000hp and 236mph(379km/h) record. This car has made 816hp and been 213mph already on a 2.0L 4G63 turbo engine(91' Eagle Talon). The car has been down the last 2 years while I finished the new race car(running racepak) :down: . We also have one other Bonneville LSR car in the works, the former White Lightening streamliner. ... tning.html (I don't have a website setup just yet) This will also need a MD/MUI data logger.... I'd like something more integrated IC wise to showcase in this project.

Beautiful start to some of the best DIY automotive/racing data acquisition. All it needs is an in-house wideband circuit. Thanks again for all the help. Great project guys, and good job!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Multidisplay missing data. Not working properly *solved

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Great to hear you are getting it ready :)

About the in-house wideband, making a circuit and software for this realy stable is a tricky and long task,
so for now we stick to the external controllers like the Innovate LC-2.
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Re: Multidisplay missing data. Not working properly *solved

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I managed to get the code compiled with avr-gcc 4.92. on my arch linux (had to patch a few thinks). But I'll first want to verify that the compiled code works correctly before checking the patches in.

The mui code which compiles on desktop (qt4 / qt5), maemo5 (qt4) and android (qt5) is a located in "branches/mUI-Qt4-qwt6".
I'll create a special wiki site for it.

Connecting to usb devices is the way the app works in linux (desktop) and maemo5. I'm not sure if this would work an normal non-rooted android devices?

Wow, 379km/h is pretty fast. I did only go 305km/h with my street car (500hp '89 vw corrado 16v turbo) on public (empty) autobahn (no speed limit).
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