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EGT Screen Question?

Posted: Thu 29. Jun 2017, 02:28
by jack-stand
I finally got around to building this thing. I've had it for a few years. I can toggle threw afew screens, but I cannot find the screen listing just EGT temperatures. LCDController.h lists all the screens but I don't see code for all of them(screen 4). whatever I've complied and loaded to the atmega only scrolls thew like 4 or 5 different screens, none of the screens show all EGT's, screen 4. Is there a better tutorial for this question I just missed somewhere? ... ntroller.h
How do I make screen 4 work? Maybe I'm just not understanding what to do. I'm new to all this code stuff... And well, crash coarse! Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Re: EGT Screen Question?

Posted: Fri 7. Jul 2017, 20:01
by jack-stand
I was hoping for some more information which may be somewhere, but not consolidated enough for me to not just ask here directly.

I'm searching to find out what headers K12 and k1 are for on the external board MD03?

I also need some clarification on Shift-lights and buttons, per git-hub's wiki. that says connected via MD01 header K8 pins1 threw 5. Was someone smoking something that day and forgot or is there just a different board then I own? Or am I looking at this wrong?
anyhow K8 has no buttons?>>> Whats going on? if anything buttons go from k5 to k19... I see the buttons on header k5, and well, the shiftlights on the shiftlights header. Did I see this wrong?? Funny, there simply needs to be a better explanation of whats going on here. I believe the wiki is deceiving and wrong.

On MD01- Can you clarify the HIGH and LOW boost switch is on header K11, is that correct?? Is there an output for a L.E.D. to indicate HIGH or LOW boost mode? If so what pin is this?

Also on MD01, can you tell me what the 3-pins are for on header k12??

On MD03. 'MY TPS' registers 0v @ closed throttle, and 5v @WOT. How do I change that? I need to reverse the current code. 5v is showing closed or zero throttle. and 0v showing WOT.

Thanks for all the answers and help in advance.