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Newbie with a Polo G40 - Interested in K-line communication

Posted: Wed 10. Oct 2018, 02:23
by grungeisdead
Hi there,

Firstly, hats off to the splendid work done so far on MultiDisplay. There are some smart cookies around.

I own a couple of Polo G40's and recently purchased an Ostrich V2.0 Emulator for home mapping with tunerproRT.

I decided to look into what other diagnostic information could be had out of the ecu, with an ADX file, i noted that a fine chap had created code to send live data over the k-line ... ver-k-line

I'd like to get hold of the code to add it into one of my G40 eproms. I have contacted the site owner but not had a reply yet, and I wondered if he may be on here, or if anyone is using the code along with their multi-display.

Many thanks in advance